Consumer Advocate Discusses Home Security

Recently, our company was reached out to by Consumer Advocates, which has compiled a large database and collection of home-security analysis to help consumers understand which style and type of package might be best suited for their needs.

This is a great offering and is really worth sharing, as it helps break down several key factors which any home consumer should consider before purchasing a system: Equipment cost, contract flexibility, monitoring style, ease of use/setup, additional features and return policy. While our staff here at Adaptive Developments are equipped to answer these questions and help the end user make an informed decision, there is always a great opportunity to learn more.

I have shared the link here ( which should give any potential shopper a good idea of what is available to them.

The biggest take-away's in my mind are the final thoughts:

What is the difference between self and professional monitoring, particularly in terms of authority interaction (police, fire etc), response time and cost. And if home security systems can save you money on your home insurance (generally yes).

We think this is definitely worth sharing and taking a look at! Please reach out to our staff if you have any questions or would like clarification regarding this discussion and how it applies to the Canadian market.

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