What Does The Future of Home Automation Hold?

For a lot of people, home automation signals that the future has arrived. Of course, the home automation industry is just getting started. In fact, the home automation industry is expected to double in size from 2016 to amount to nearly $80 billion by 2022.

What’s coming in the short term and the long term for home automation users? Let’s take a look at the announcements and rumours to get a better sense of what the future holds.

Your Home Assistant Is Changing

Until now, voice activated home assistants have largely come in the form of a speaker like the Amazon Echo or Google Home. However, home assistants are changing to become more of a centrepiece rather than something that sits in the corner of the room.

Google home smart home assistant Calgary

Touch screen devices that will be able to show video and allow users to control their home automation systems are quickly being brought to market. These devices are meant for users who want voice and touch control in a single hub rather than using a speaker-like device in concert with a separate smartphone or tablet.

Of course, the technology is also going to be changing in home assistants as they become integrated with more devices and learn to respond to a wider range of commands. This is just the beginning for smart speakers.

Finely Tuned, Personalized Experiences

As mentioned, we are just at the beginning of what home automation has to offer us. Changing temperatures, unlocking doors, and drawing blinds are ideas of what’s to come. With this in mind, many manufacturers like Kohler are looking to make home automation experiences more personalized and detailed.

August smart locks Calgary

Users will be able to set profiles that correspond to specific scenes or actions. For example, asking your assistant to start your morning shower could result in the perfect temperature, lighting, and music to get your day started. This is obviously the next step from the more basic tasks that are currently available and there is a race to bring everything together in a way that makes your automated home feel like, well… Home.

Dinner is Served

Looking a few years down the road we can already see where home automation is heading. Examples of concepts like the automated chef show the true potential of home automation. Users will be able to download professional recipes or upload their own and have their automated chef expertly prepare an incredible meal for them to enjoy.

smart chef future food

While it may be awhile before everyone has an automated chef in their home it does show the next logical step of home automation. Right now we enjoy simple conveniences that make our lives easier. Next will be complex automation tasks that can customize our experiences to fit our own unique needs. Finally, complete home automation of time-consuming tasks will done to help us focus on the people and things we enjoy most.

There is no telling how far home automation will go. As technology develops the limitations to home automation will simply be our imaginations.

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