New builds allow us to expand our system even further. When we are able to plan the automation system into the build at the construction or planning phase this allows us to avoid batteries and hard wire many of the system components.


A hard wired system allows for a much more reliable connection to the brain of the house and takes a load off the wireless router. Being able to wire access points throughout the home can increase the power of the wireless network when necessary, but also allows us to wire in security devices, home audio speakers, and more.


The largest advantage we offer to a new build, whether a condo or single family property is the ability for complete customization. All of our estimating and planning is done as part of the package price and there are no hidden costs or fees. Allow our experts to help you plan the automated home of your clients dream. We are here to help train your staff and the homeowner and learn how to use the system, creating a new value centre for existing or potential clients and attracting a new generation of home owners.