Whether through wired or wireless distributed audio we have several different solutions to create a soundscape throughout your home. Whole home audio systems – also known as multi-room or multi-zone – have become increasingly popular over the years.

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With a little bit of planning and a consultation on your project, you can have full control over how music plays throughout the entire home and even link it to scenes with lighting and other elements of the system. There are several methods and technologies to consider when it comes to distributing audio, each with their own benefits and challenges.

As such, it can seem a little intimidating to figure out how all the pieces come together harmoniously, be them wired, wireless, powered, and/or non-powered. With a large variety of products and the experience to put it all together we can help create a true harmony throughout your home.


In addition to our home audio offerings we also have the resources and experience to design a custom home theatre experience. Whether it’s a custom theatre with projector, concealed wiring for TV mounting, or cutting edge sound equipment; we can bring the theatre experience to you right at home. No project is too large or too small and with our large selection of products we’ll design a home theatre experience that meets your lifestyle and budget without compromising quality.


With custom lighting options, 4K projectors and TVs, and endless sound configurations you’ll be able to set the scene and watch your favorite movies or TV shows with a single voice command or touch of a button!

At Adaptive Developments our smart home systems are grouped from specially selected products to give you the best customer experience possible. There are several parts to the system which make it such a great option for any discerning homeowner. First and foremost, the system is low cost and non-invasive. The primary driver for most of the components is wireless communication, which means no wires and no damage to your existing home. The blinds are battery operated, the switches replace your current switches, the thermostat and locks can often use the existing holes and wires to function. As a whole, this means that we can install our system in nearly any age of home or during any part of the construction process. Old home, new home or renovation, we can find a solution that works.

The second part of the system which is often appealing is the scalability. Since all the parts are sourced from different manufacturers it means that all the components can work independently and without purchasing an entire home system. Just want to be able to control the thermostat while you are away? We can do that. Want to just change the locks to give you more control of your home security? We can do that. The system can start small and scale up to a full home package without affecting the ability to use the previously purchased components. As you decide what you want and how much further you want to take your smart home you can often continue to add-on to it as necessary or as your budget or needs change over time.

The final feature of the packages we offer is that we empower you to learn how to operate the system so it is not difficult to add or change things as you see fit without a phone call to us. This is an important one, as we are obviously here to help and teach the homeowners as required. However, a large difference in our system is we will help teach you how to make small changes to the programming portion of the smart home. We want you to be able to learn to set scenes, to be able to add or remove lights or blinds or functions of an automation. It is our goal to let you take control of your home and help you learn how all the functions of the home work together so you can fully customize your home without us there. We are here to help troubleshoot the system if something goes drastically wrong, but our goal is to help you learn the system from the inside so that YOU the homeowner can easily fix or make changes to the system without waiting for a scheduled maintenance session.

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