One of the largest benefits of our system is that it does not require any additional planning, drilling or construction in your home. The largest challenge in many cases is ensuring that most of your electrical code is up to date, and that your fixtures can accommodate dimmable light bulbs. Once we are confident that your home is smart capable, installation is easy!


Automated blinds are typically wired when possible, but when this is not an option a battery tube is a great compromise, ensuring that your blinds are fully operable even when power is not coming to your house. Typical battery tubes in blinds last anywhere from 2-3 years depending on the size and model of the blinds, as well as the quality of battery you purchase. 


When it comes to the rest of the system, our smart switches can replace your switches one for one, and the rest of our products are either battery or powered by wireless receivers.


Our typical client will often require a medium or higher internet service package, and advanced modem so that the demands of wireless products on the system are not bogged down.


Retrofitting your home with smart home solutions is a great way to increase the convenience of your home as well as increase the value if you decide to move or sell. Smart homes are the way of the future and no longer are people required to spend time worrying or thinking about their property when they can access it from their handheld device at the touch of a button.