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The Schlage sense deadbolt is the most convenient way to enter and track the safety of your home. With 3 ways to use the lock you will never need to worry again. Use the manual key to operate the deadbolt, operate the keypad on the front of the lock with easily programmable codes, or pair and use your phone to open the door remotely.

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Some of the immediate benefits of this lock are the simplicity of the system and access to set daily time restrictions and individual codes for the door. For instance, if you have a maid, cleaning service or home nanny you are able to give them a separate code which allows them to enter the home only at certain times of day. If you have a contractor completing work or construction at your house you are able to see when they arrive, open, and re-lock the door.

These same things apply to individual household members, children with a daily curfew can be given their own individual access code to enter or leave at any given time of day.


Packages being delivered, or unexpected guests? Unlock your door with the touch of a button to allow guests, relatives or delivery individuals through the door.


This device when paired with a home hub can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world you have an LTE or wireless signal and can be geofenced to your location. Geofencing is the ability to lock or unlock the door within a certain range distance of the unit/home. Unlock the door and turn on the lights when you turn the corner of your street, or enter a certain distance to or away from your home.

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August offers a more discreet option and is installed on the interior of 

the door, a smart lock that's less obvious. It carries many of the same features of other smart locks, and is only lacking the digital key pad. 

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Unlike other smart locks, the August doesn't require the removal and replacement of your door's entire locking mechanism, so it’s simpler to install and doesn’t produce annoyances like mismatched hardware aesthetics or a need for new keys. The setup process is fast and easy, even for those who've never seen the inside of a door lock.


The August comes with three mounting plates and three color-coded deadbolt adapters (note: the most recent models are shipping with a single universal mounting plate), which makes selecting the kit that fits your current deadbolt a cinch. Most deadbolt locks are compatible with at least one of these, but be sure to check or ask our staff about any exceptions.


Many of the same benefits between the Schlage and August systems exist in terms of geofencing, remote access and the ability to add an entry keypad. When these items are compared side by side the largest benefit of the August system is the ability to disguise the smart locking system as a standard key-entry deadbolt instead of a smart lock.

You'll Love Our Smart Home Systems

At Adaptive Developments our smart home systems are grouped from specially selected products to give you the best customer experience possible. There are several parts to the system which make it such a great option for any discerning homeowner. First and foremost, the system is low cost and non-invasive. The primary driver for most of the components is wireless communication, which means no wires and no damage to your existing home. The blinds are battery operated, the switches replace your current switches, the thermostat and locks can often use the existing holes and wires to function. As a whole, this means that we can install our system in nearly any age of home or during any part of the construction process. Old home, new home or renovation, we can find a solution that works.

The second part of the system which is often appealing is the scalability. Since all the parts are sourced from different manufacturers it means that all the components can work independently and without purchasing an entire home system. Just want to be able to control the thermostat while you are away? We can do that. Want to just change the locks to give you more control of your home security? We can do that. The system can start small and scale up to a full home package without affecting the ability to use the previously purchased components. As you decide what you want and how much further you want to take your smart home you can often continue to add-on to it as necessary or as your budget or needs change over time.

The final feature of the packages we offer is that we empower you to learn how to operate the system so it is not difficult to add or change things as you see fit without a phone call to us. This is an important one, as we are obviously here to help and teach the homeowners as required. However, a large difference in our system is we will help teach you how to make small changes to the programming portion of the smart home. We want you to be able to learn to set scenes, to be able to add or remove lights or blinds or functions of an automation. It is our goal to let you take control of your home and help you learn how all the functions of the home work together so you can fully customize your home without us there. We are here to help troubleshoot the system if something goes drastically wrong, but our goal is to help you learn the system from the inside so that YOU the homeowner can easily fix or make changes to the system without waiting for a scheduled maintenance session.