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The future of home integration starts with Adaptive Developments

low cost, low intrusion, high impact home automation technology

The future of home integration starts with Adaptive Developments Inc. Our team of professionals wants to help you "smart fit" your home as the technology becomes more affordable and more essential to our daily lives. Our simple home automation solutions are designed to help make your lives easier. With the touch of a button or single voice command on your phone, iPad or remote control you will be capable of controlling the blinds, lights, locks thermostats, and home theatre. Set it and forget it, let our experts show you how our non-invasive technologies can help your home become more secure, accessible, energy efficient.

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Adaptive Developments is a New Company on the Edge of Emerging Technologies

ADI (Adaptive Developments Inc.) is leading the way for technologies in green tech and smart fit home automation. We started operations in Spring of 2016 with the mission to provide homeowners affordable options to make their lives easier, and homes more energy efficient. As green technology and home integration evolves becoming less cost prohibitive an increasing number of home owners can realize both the financial and convenience level benefits these technologies provide. The future is going to be green, smart, and integrated.

We focus on low cost, low intrusion, high impact home automation technology


From the control of natural light with window coverings to setting the scene with your interior lights, there are a variety of ways to set the mood and take control of your energy efficiency through lighting and window coverings. Most of the technologies available today allow for remote access, giving you privacy and energy savings when you are away from home, and the control and lighting dynamic you desire when you are home.


Being able to lock or unlock your doors from anywhere in the world adds a level of comfort and security that has never been realized until recently. Make sure you locked up when out and about, let a contractor or friend in when you are not home, lock every door in the house at the press of a button or a single voice command, the levels of security and convenience available today are unprecedented.

HVAC/Home Thermostats and Comfort Control

With smart thermostats and monitoring systems you can not only enjoy a more comfortable atmosphere at home but also save some money on your monthly energy bills. Smart systems learn your home and away patterns and schedule heating or cooling based on the current needs of your occupants.


Want to watch a movie? One command can dim the lights, close the blinds, and turn on your home theatre system. Through various applications and adapters you can control every device in your home with one command.